A Specialty Consulting Firm for the Emergency Services Construction Industry.

Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients

Richard Stone & Associates is a specialty consulting firm for the restoration industry that only employs top professionals with industry experience.

Our firm has over 60 years of combined experience serving the restoration industry specializing in billing, collections, liens, and legal actions to resolve insurance claims disputes or delays.  Our staff can handle everything from simple billing of a service call, to the collection on an aged six-figure job with carrier shenanigans, public adjuster profiteering, uncooperative property management, and legal for all involved.  We work professionally with property owners, their insurers, and other interested parties to resolve the account.  If your restoration company is seeing increasingly uncooperative carriers, their insureds pocketing funds, or any other issues getting paid, we can help!



No matter how the claim derived, Richard Stone & Associates delivers a resolution!


“Not only is Richard able to collect your fees, he almost always gets the customer to agree to pay his additional fees as well…  He doesn’t collect a penny from you unless he’s able to recover the debt owed… Never again will my company go to another agency to recover debts owed to us.”

- Franchise Owner, Servpro

“I truly recommend Sydney and Richard Stone & Associates, I had a customer that had a claim denied and after several attempts I wasn’t able to recover any money from him, Sydney contacted me and I send her this unpaid account of over a year, the next day the customer called me asking for an arrangement!”

- Owner, PuroClean

“Your team is awesome, I worked 10 months trying to get paid and your team addressed at least a partial payment with lightning speed.”


“Richard has done and amazing job collecting our outstanding invoices on mitigation and remediation jobs… Whether the payment has already been issued to the homeowner or he was dealing directly with carrier, Richard has gotten the job done without damaging our relationships with adjusters, or our reputation in the community… I highly recommend using Richard Stone & Associates, I cannot praise them enough.”

- Treasurer/General Manager, Servpro